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Monday, March 31, 2008

Obama Campaign Caught In Watergate-Like Scandal

ERIE, Pa. -- Could this be the big Obama blunder Hillary Clinton desperately has been praying will torpedo her more popular rival for 2008 Class President of Democrat High and allow her to grab the nomination despite her reputation as "teacher's pet"?

The Erie (Pa.), Times-News reports today that an Obama supporter recently showed up at Clinton's Erie campaign office and "passed himself off as a Clinton supporter." The Times-News published the following official comments from the Clinton camp:

Clinton spokesman Mark Nevins criticized the Obama supporter's tactics. "I just think it's atrocious that a campaign that sort of defines itself as the new way is engaging in the politics of Richard Nixon and Gordon Liddy," he said.

Nevins added that he didn't think he was overstating the matter by comparing the incident to Watergate.

In what could be a futile damage-control attempt, "... an Obama spokesman said the campaigner was acting on his own, and was asked to leave the campaign after news of the incident surfaced."

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